New Album Update 

What a strange year it has been.  Frankly, though it has not been as bad as 2020, it certainly has been stranger.  


This new album has taken so many turns I am not sure how to describe it anymore.  What started as a sequel to my last album "A Hero's Journey" then changed into something entirely different.  Just when I thought I know what this album was going to be, I decided to change it up again!  

As of now, 11 songs are possibly going to be included in this release.  What was originally going to be 6…

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After the amazing success of my last album "A Hero's Journey", starting in late January 2021, I began writing for the next album.  As of this writing 5 songs are done and am well into writing the 6th.  This album will not be a concept album like "It's Christmas" or "A Hero's Journey", but a collection of songs I'm hoping will take the listener into similar yet different territories.  So far the songs feature a number of genres.  Symphonic rock continues to be my bread and butter, but of these 6 songs, 2 of…

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"A Hero's Journey" NOW AVAILABLE!! 

There isn't much else to say except... "A Hero's Journey" is now available!!!  It is currently available on on digital and physical CD formats, and soon will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tik Tok, and other digital partners.  


Thank you to everybody who supported this release.  Hopefully reviews and interviews are upcoming!

"A Hero's Journey" Release Date AUGUST 25! 

Finally, I can announce that my new release "A Hero's Journey" will be released first on on August 25th, and soon after that, maybe a month, to iTunes and other downloading and streaming services!


The CD is my attempt at trying to tell a story musically, with no lyrics.  The beauty (hopefully) of this format is that the story that is in my head may not be the story that is in the listener's head, but the music still fits the narrative that being told.  The first 9 tracks comprise the story…

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Finally, Some More News 

It's been a few months since the last update... blame coronavirus!


"A Hero's Journey" is complete and ready for release soon!  The original plan was to release sometime in March or April, but coronavirus hit.  Financially I did not want to release the album yet until I was sure I was going to keep my day job.  As of now, it looks like I am safe for now, so time to move forward.


The album will contain 13 tracks.  The first 9 will contain the story told in the album.  As said before, my goal was to tell a…

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Title of album announced! Three years since "It's Christmas" 

Hi everyone.  it's update time.

Recording of the album is almost complete.  I actually thought I had finished recording of the album about three weeks ago, and was ready to start mastering the album, getting the album cover, etc.  However, I think the album needs one more song for it to be fully complete, so this week I'll start on that.  Overall I am very pleased with how the album is sounding, especially the flow from one song to the next telling the story I want to tell.

Speaking of the story, the…

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Happy Halloween! Album News 

Happy Halloween everybody!  Time for an update.

As the album takes shape and evolves, the dramatic portion of the album is complete.  The songs I recorded to tell the story of a hero's journey is complete.  The story will be told across 8 tracks with varying moods depending on the part of the story.  I am very happy with how the songs came out, and I hope that I have conveyed the moods that I wanted to convey properly to you the listener when listening to the story. 

Now, 8 songs is not nearly enough for…

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