"A Hero's Journey" Release Date AUGUST 25!

Finally, I can announce that my new release "A Hero's Journey" will be released first on Bandcamp.com on August 25th, and soon after that, maybe a month, to iTunes and other downloading and streaming services!


The CD is my attempt at trying to tell a story musically, with no lyrics.  The beauty (hopefully) of this format is that the story that is in my head may not be the story that is in the listener's head, but the music still fits the narrative that being told.  The first 9 tracks comprise the story, and I have also included 4 "extra tracks" from other projects that were started but never completed.


This release is extremely important and personal to me for a few reasons.  My first self titled CD in 2008, while having a few originals, was put out just to see if I could do this.  As such, there are definite production issues with that release.  With "It's Christmas", while I had a blast recording it, and got some great reviews, they were all songs already written that I was interpreting in my own style.  This recording is almost exclusively original material, with the exception of 2 songs included in the "extra tracks" section of the CD.  There is much more of "myself" in this release than in any other release I have done thus far.


Soon I will post links to listen and/or purchase "A Hero's Journey" and hopefully good reviews of the CD.  

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