After the amazing success of my last album "A Hero's Journey", starting in late January 2021, I began writing for the next album.  As of this writing 5 songs are done and am well into writing the 6th.  This album will not be a concept album like "It's Christmas" or "A Hero's Journey", but a collection of songs I'm hoping will take the listener into similar yet different territories.  So far the songs feature a number of genres.  Symphonic rock continues to be my bread and butter, but of these 6 songs, 2 of them move into a different atmospheric place, while a couple more venture into more progressive rock territory.  Hopefully you guys will appreciate the dynamic changes I'm hoping to achieve with this new project.

My goal is to have this out in late 2021, early 2022.  As we have seen with Covid, though, plans can always change.

Stay safe everyone!

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