"It's Christmas" Reviews

...Without exaggerating, this may be the most musically satisfying Christmas instrumental album, you lay your hands on this year.” - Rick Jamm


...It’s Christmas is invigorating and uplifting, as Don Hughes’ variety of yuletide vibes and flavors makes this a fitting soundtrack for trimming the Christmas tree or playing during holiday gatherings.” - "The Professor" Jim Price

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...When you are truly ready for something that is familiar enough to keep the holiday spirit yet fresh enough to keep your interest and attention give It’s Christmas a listen.” - Keith Pro


"A Hero's Journey" Reviews

“A Hero’s Journey” is another rich body of work with plenty to get excited about. ...Hughes’ maturation and experimentation has led to the creation of what will likely be hailed as his master work for now.” - Rick Jamm


...this is a really well-performed and well-conceived album, which highlights Don’s skills and talent.”


A Hero’s Journey by Don Hughes offers vivid picturization through instrumentation” - Alicia Parker


...his nine-song musical narrative establishes a cinematic ebb and flow, rising suspense, action and resolution.” - "The Professor" Jim Price

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