New Album Update

What a strange year it has been.  Frankly, though it has not been as bad as 2020, it certainly has been stranger.  


This new album has taken so many turns I am not sure how to describe it anymore.  What started as a sequel to my last album "A Hero's Journey" then changed into something entirely different.  Just when I thought I know what this album was going to be, I decided to change it up again!  

As of now, 11 songs are possibly going to be included in this release.  What was originally going to be 6 originals and 3 interpretation/covers has now turned into a possible 5 originals and 6 interpretation/covers.  Also, one of the songs clocks in at a hefty 8 minutes!  However these songs turn out, I plan on there being at least one surprise on this project... one that I have never done before.

I still aim for late this year or early next year as the release date.  The songs have been really fun to record (if not frustrating at times, especially the 8 minute song).  This project has also taken me back to my original 2008 album.  Unlike "It's Christmas" and "A Hero's Journey", there is no theme to this album.  It is a collection of songs.  Some I have recently recorded, at least 1 I recorded back in 2017 that I never released.


Be safe everyone!!!

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