Don Hughes

Don started playing piano at 8 years old. Starting as a junior in high school, he competed in high school talent shows, and the Crazy Fest Annual Talent Show, the longest running talent competition (at the time) in Pennsylvania. He would place 1st and 2nd in a number of competitions before he became a judge in 2002.

In 2004 he debuted in the Central Pennsylvania music scene, recording with Central PA Blues band "Fat Vinny And The Wise Guys" for their release, "Tight Play." 

In 2005-2006 Don joined the cover band "Generation Gap." The band showcased 3 generations of musicians, playing covers from the 60s to the 00s.  It was here where he polished his skills playing in a live environment.

2008 saw the release of his self titled debut album.  The album featured 13 tracks, including 9 original instrumental pieces as well as 4 interpretations of classic pieces.  The album gained praise from area critics.

2012 saw a major change in his personal life. On August 21st, Don married his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth in their favorite vacation spot, Virginia Beach.

After a period of inactivity, Don went back to work, and in November 2016, "It's Christmas" was released to critical acclaim.  The album featured different genres and original interpretations of holiday classics that Don has has been known for throughout his career.

In August 2020, his latest album "A Hero's Journey" was released to even more rave reviews.  The album included a 9 track story telling the story of a hero musically, with no lyrics.  The album also included 4 additional tracks further exploring different genres, which also include 2 covers.

July 2022 saw the release of TWO albums simultaneously.  "Universal Language" is a straight album showcasing Don's ability to write instrumentals that combine different genres even more, while "The Gaming Jukebox" is a collection of 28 songs from various Nintendo games, recorded in his style.

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Two new albums released on July 3rd.