"A Hero's Journey" Release Date AUGUST 25!

Finally, I can announce that my new release "A Hero's Journey" will be released first on on August 25th, and soon after that, maybe a month, to iTunes and other downloading and streaming services!


The CD is my attempt…


Finally, Some More News

It's been a few months since the last update... blame coronavirus!


"A Hero's Journey" is complete and ready for release soon!  The original plan was to release sometime in March or April, but coronavirus hit.  Financially I did not want…


Title of album announced! Three years since "It's Christmas"

Hi everyone.  it's update time.

Recording of the album is almost complete.  I actually thought I had finished recording of the album about three weeks ago, and was ready to start mastering the album, getting the album cover, etc.  However…


Happy Halloween! Album News

Happy Halloween everybody!  Time for an update.

As the album takes shape and evolves, the dramatic portion of the album is complete.  The songs I recorded to tell the story of a hero's journey is complete.  The story will be…


Album Update

After a technical issue with my equipment, I am happy to report that the recording process for the new album is half completed.  The songs in the album have changed somewhat, thereby changing the story that I hope the album…


Meeting The Mentor (and other thoughts)

After some technical difficulties and glitches with my equipment, I am back working on the album.  The next chapter in our hero's journey is Meeting With The Mentor.

I feel that this is the most stereotypical part of any hero's…


A Call To Adventure

Song #2 is just about completed, and its a part of our hero's journey I think all of us can relate to in life.

 "A Call To Adventure" is upon our hero... the part of the story when everything changes…


It Begins

I write this first entry on the anniversary of D-Day... ironic that I am writing a piece called "Ordinary World" on a day that was one of the most un-ordinary in human history. 

This project started about a week ago…


It's Finally Here!!!!! (11-8-16)

Finally!  A journey that began in the middle of January reaches this point!

The album is out, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.  The inside photography was exactly what I was looking for (Thanks Liz…


20 Days Till Release, Choosing Arrangements (10-19-16)

Only 20 days till the album releases, and 13 days till the iTunes pre-order!  The work is done, and now it's time to see how it goes.

I am sometimes asked how I decide the arrangements of songs.  Why do…



I can finally say it.  November 8th is the release date for "It's Christmas!"

The first shipment of CDs has arrived and I couldn't be happier with the finished product!  I have spent many hours on this project (just ask…


Album Cover, Song Thoughts (9-9-16)

The album cover is finished, and I am incredibly happy with how it turned out.  The cover was done by a gentleman named Rickson Rufaro.  I found him on a website called  I was impressed with his previous works…