Album Update

After a technical issue with my equipment, I am happy to report that the recording process for the new album is half completed.  The songs in the album have changed somewhat, thereby changing the story that I hope the album is portraying.  My goal is still to have this album portray a story that can vary from listener to listener, but still have the music convey a sense of the feelings felt at that part of any listener's story. 

I have also decided to add more songs to the new release.  Before I started working on this album, I had started about 3 or 4 different projects of which each project had anywhere from 1 to 3 songs completed.  I may or may not revisit these projects in the future, but I still would like to see some of these songs released.  In the spirit of this project, as of now, I think I am going to release these songs as "deleted scenes" in this album. 

The plus side is that the album will have at least 11-12 songs on it, if not more.  This will give more bang for the buck (hopefully) for you.  The downside is that it may lengthen the production time on the release.  Either way, whether I decide to release these songs or not, this album has become the most ambitious thing I have ever released, trying to tell a story using just instrumental music. 

Release date has not yet been decided, but I am hoping for spring/summer 2020.

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