Title of album announced! Three years since "It's Christmas"

Hi everyone.  it's update time.

Recording of the album is almost complete.  I actually thought I had finished recording of the album about three weeks ago, and was ready to start mastering the album, getting the album cover, etc.  However, I think the album needs one more song for it to be fully complete, so this week I'll start on that.  Overall I am very pleased with how the album is sounding, especially the flow from one song to the next telling the story I want to tell.

Speaking of the story, the album is going to be called "A Hero's Journey"."  At this point in the recording and decision process, ten of the tracks will encompass the story I have been wanting to tell, while three of the tracks are extras from other projects I started but never completed.  They may be completed in the future, but at this point I still want to include them in this release.  At this point I am looking still at late winter/early spring for the album release if all goes well. 

It was also three years in November that "It's Christmas" was released, and I am still blown away at the reception of the album.  I still try to promote the album some every year, and seeing the reactions of people as I play them the songs is still something I get excited about.  The best reactions I enjoy is when the person thinks I'm playing them some metal (which is what I mostly listen to in my own life), and then they hear all the different genres encompassed in the Christmas album.  They don't expect to hear what they hear, and it always gives me a great feeling to know they are truly enjoying the music.


Until next time, Merry Christmas!!

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