Meeting The Mentor (and other thoughts)

After some technical difficulties and glitches with my equipment, I am back working on the album.  The next chapter in our hero's journey is Meeting With The Mentor.

I feel that this is the most stereotypical part of any hero's quest.  Obi-Won Kenobi in /'Star Wars/', Proximo in "Gladiator", and the cop that helps John McClane in "Die Hard" come to my mind quickly.  However, the actual mentor can come in many forms.  The wise old man, the father figure, the best friend, and a teacher to name a few. 

I've interpreted this song to have a somewhat happy, calming sound.  Our hero is away from the immediate danger and is regrouping.  He has decided to answer the call to action (we will visit that in the next song), but needs to figure out how.  I've imagined our mentor as a father figure who hasn't seen our hero in quite some time.  Acoustic guitars and flutes are the main instruments for the melody, with the piano providing the background rhythm.  The way the song is laid out I feel that the listener can interpret the mentor however he/she wants and still fits the intent of the song.

 I have also decided to release other songs in the album besides the 12 that will comprise "The Hero's Journey."  I have quite a few songs from other projects that I started but never finished, and would still like to release them.  I haven't decided whether to release them in a separate album or as part of this one as one big release.  What does everyone think?


Until next time...

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