Happy Halloween! Album News

Happy Halloween everybody!  Time for an update.

As the album takes shape and evolves, the dramatic portion of the album is complete.  The songs I recorded to tell the story of a hero's journey is complete.  The story will be told across 8 tracks with varying moods depending on the part of the story.  I am very happy with how the songs came out, and I hope that I have conveyed the moods that I wanted to convey properly to you the listener when listening to the story. 

Now, 8 songs is not nearly enough for an entire album, so now is where the fun begins.  As I said before there was going to be more than just the story on this release.  This next part of the album is going to be some fun recordings in the same style of "It's Christmas."

Last week I tweaked and finished an old recording of "America The Beautiful."  This was supposed to be on a project I had started similar to the Christmas album, but of patriotic music.  I may include a second song from that old project, but this one was extremely fun to arrange and record. 

Today, in the spirit of the Halloween season, I recorded my version of the theme from the "Halloween" movies.  I always loved what John Carpenter could do with the music in his movies, and this theme, despite its simplicity, captured the mood in those movies perfectly.  Hopefully I did it justice.  I had an absolute blast recording this.  For the record, if you went to see the new "Halloween" movie last year in theaters, the music sounded incredible in the theaters! 

The next song I may be doing is one of my favorites... cant tell you yet though :-)

Till next time... Braun Strowman is still awesome!

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  • marianne
    I can't wait to hear it!

    I can't wait to hear it!

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