Angels We Have Heard On High (8-18-16)

It sometimes amazes me how songs come about.  I love listening to stories other artists tell about how certain songs came about, or if certain songs were tougher or easier to get done.

Angels We Have Heard On High was the first song I started to arrange.  I had a very good idea how I wanted it to begin, as well as how I wanted it to end.  How to get there was the problem.  This was the first song I started to work on, yet three other songs were completed before this one was done.  I had started the arrangement with a simple, yet elegant, piano part, and the melody was being played with a lone cello (for you music geeks, this was a classic Beethoven technique playing the melody in the bass line).  I had also wanted to end the arrangement with the same piano part.  I just couldn't figure out what road to take to get there.  It actually bothered me a little that I had completed three other songs (at least one of which was a more complex arrangement), yet this one I just couldn't get it where I wanted it to be.  In the end, I was very happy with how it came out.  It just amazed me how this simple arrangement took longer than some other, more complex songs.


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