Album News and Random Thought (8-26-16)

The album has been coming along very well.  Musically the songs are complete.  I am waiting for the album cover to be finished from the graphic designer, which shouldn't take more than a couple of days.  I've settled on the order of the songs I feel gives the CD a good flow from start to finish. 

I got to thinking when I was experimenting with the order.  When is the last time many of us have actually just sat down and listened to a full release?  While the portability of music has certainly changed the landscape of the industry, I find myself missing the days when I would put in a cassette or CD, and just listen to it from start to finish.  We had to actually make time to listen to music, and I think that made people appreciate it more.  Today, music is more background noise and "catchy" hooks.  With vinyl coming back into style, maybe things are starting to go back to the "good ole days."


I am very pleased with how the music has turned out.  The final masters have a much more dynamic punch than my first album, which did not go through mastering (rookie mistake).  For people who enjoy different genres of music, this release should be very pleasing.  It also kept the recording and the creative process fresh and new.  I didn't get tired of playing the same music when I was experimenting with different arrangements and styles.  I hope people who listen to this album just get lost in the different vibes I hoped to create.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all soon.

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