A Call To Adventure

Song #2 is just about completed, and its a part of our hero's journey I think all of us can relate to in life.

 "A Call To Adventure" is upon our hero... the part of the story when everything changes.  Ordinary life has been shattered, and the first frantic scenes of escape and uncertainty happen.  This is clearly seen in basically any disaster movie ever created, whether it be the first quakes in "San Andreas" or the first small meteor hits in "Armageddon", or the first appearance of the alien crafts in "War Of The Worlds."

I think all of us can relate to this part of the hero's journey.  Granted, most of us do not have this extreme of an adventure, but we can see this in any life-changing event in our lives.  Starting a new job, buying your first house or car, moving out on your own for the first time, even a first date are all adventures on their own.  The uncertainties can be unsettling, but there is also a sense of excitement and wonder as we undertake these adventures. 

As I wrote this music, I wanted there to be definite parts of doom and dread, but also at the same time parts where our hero seems to be initially overcoming obstacles to get out of the initial danger.  The faster pace of the song has made me debate how long the song should be.  I am not always a fan of writing pieces 3 minutes and shorter, but I also have to consider the story as a whole and not so much just the song like I am used to doing.  There are even musical themes in this piece that I may want to use in other pieces in this release, not unlike John Williams does for the Star Wars movies. 


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