Album Cover, Song Thoughts (9-9-16)

The album cover is finished, and I am incredibly happy with how it turned out.  The cover was done by a gentleman named Rickson Rufaro.  I found him on a website called  I was impressed with his previous works and thought that he was the best man to design the cover.  After a short correspondence, he delivered!  I couldn't have ever dreamed that the release would look as good as he made it look!  He also made the back cover, which I may release later this month.  My wife Liz also did some photography for the inside CD jacket, and the pictures we settled on (one in particular) look incredible.

As far as which song is my favorite on this project, it has to be God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.  It is a full rock band arrangement with a string section playing most of the melody.  I've always thought this song could be translated very well to a rock band.  The song was even my first piano solo in 9th grade (Mannheim Steamroller's arrangement).  Compared to the others, this one came very easily to me.  It only took about a week for the song to be completed.  It was one of the songs that was started and finished while I struggled with Angels We Have Heard On High.  It's definitely one that can be played loud in the car... I recently tested that :-)

I originally was aiming for a late November release, however I may push it up to the first or second week of November.  It's partially due to how quickly this project is coming along, and partly how excited I am to release it. 

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