It's Finally Here!!!!! (11-8-16)

Finally!  A journey that began in the middle of January reaches this point!

The album is out, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.  The inside photography was exactly what I was looking for (Thanks Liz…


20 Days Till Release, Choosing Arrangements (10-19-16)

Only 20 days till the album releases, and 13 days till the iTunes pre-order!  The work is done, and now it's time to see how it goes.

I am sometimes asked how I decide the arrangements of songs.  Why do…



I can finally say it.  November 8th is the release date for "It's Christmas!"

The first shipment of CDs has arrived and I couldn't be happier with the finished product!  I have spent many hours on this project (just ask…


Album Cover, Song Thoughts (9-9-16)

The album cover is finished, and I am incredibly happy with how it turned out.  The cover was done by a gentleman named Rickson Rufaro.  I found him on a website called  I was impressed with his previous works…


Album News and Random Thought (8-26-16)

The album has been coming along very well.  Musically the songs are complete.  I am waiting for the album cover to be finished from the graphic designer, which shouldn't take more than a couple of days.  I've settled on the…


Angels We Have Heard On High (8-18-16)

It sometimes amazes me how songs come about.  I love listening to stories other artists tell about how certain songs came about, or if certain songs were tougher or easier to get done.

Angels We Have Heard On High was…